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La Casa Indigenista

La Casa is a Centre for Indigenous children and their families in Tijuana, Mexico. Many of our Subud San Diego members support La Casa by sending school supplies, used clothing and food items such as rice, beans, chickens, etc. over the border with one of our members, Mikail, who works in Tijuana

The full name for La Casa is "Casa de Atencion Indigenista Principe de Paz A.C." The founder, Martha Huerta, is a woman with a face full of love and light, who always makes us feel very welcome. Her goal is to help the Indigenous children of Tijuana and their families (mostly women and families who migrate to Tijuana from the economically depressed rural areas). They're unprepared for urban life. La Casa is a kind of temporary crisis center, providing food, helping them obtain the necessary documents for the children to attend school, and permits for the families to sell items on the street, etc.

La Casa also provides some interim classes for the children. These children are our close neighbors. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from the Subud hall to the border crossing, and then another 20 minutes to drive to La Casa located in Las Torres, Otay District of Tijuana.

In past years, Subud has obtained a community grant from Deseret Industries Community Partnership, a charity affiliated with the Church of Latter Day Saints. This grant enabled us to use coupons at a local Deseret Thrift Store to get clothes and household goods for La Casa families. This year, Deseret Thrift Store and UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) Thrift Store provided a discount on Christmas presents. Mikail works conscientiously to get all of our member donations and purchased goods to the families.
Subud members try to attend some of the La Casa holiday celebrations. One example is the Christmas celebration which took place at La Casa. There were hundreds of children and their families attending. Games of all sorts were organized, but we especially enjoyed the piñata games which brought great delight to all the children and observers. Music was playing and presents were given out to all ages of children. It was quite an organizational wonder. Volunteers served empanada (a kind of turnover) and soup. There was joy in the air and we left feeling quite uplifted. A Christmas miracle occurred when we all crossed the border in a record twenty minutes.

La Casa itself consists of a building housing a vocational program, a meeting room, a cooking area and a large yard. Building supplies were provided by Susila Dharma, a wing of the larger Subud organization. Children's drawings line the walls. There are tables and chairs, and signs of activity all around.

Recently La Casa graduated a class of women trained in personal and industrial sewing skills. The sewing machines, supplies, and instructors salaries were all donated. See the video at:

La Casa is a registered, non-profit society, which survives entirely on charitable donations. The major donors are:

Members of the Religous Society of Friends (Quakers)
Subud / Susila Dharma
The Foundation for the Protection of Children, Tijuana
Local Churches

We continue to support the children of La Casa. Please continue to contribute school supplies, children's clothing, warm blankets, non-perishable food (such as beans and rice) and cash contributions.

Please address checks to “Subud California at San Diego” with “La Casa Indigenista” written in the memo section. They can be sent to:

Subud California at San Diego
3521 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116


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